04 January 2017

2016 Bloodie Awards

It's beginning to feel a lot like...award season!

Welcome to the 2016 Bloodies! Nominations will begin on January 7th and last until January 13th. Voting will begin on January 15th and end on January 21st with results being posted on January 22nd!

If you're new or need a refresher course on what the Bloodies are, let me tell you!

The Bloodies are a fun annual award 'ceremony' where first, you nominate people in the categories provided (things such as Best Vampire, Best Writer, etc), to showcase those who have made an impression on the realm over the past year. After the nomination time is over, I compile them into another form, where you're then given multiple choice options of all the nominees in each category. You pick your favourite and when voting is over, I tally everything and hand out the awards!

Of course, there are some rules to ensure everything is as fair as possible:
- 1 Nomination form per PLAYER. Please do not submit multiple forms under alternative characters.
*If you have an issue with your form or getting, please mail River Song in game so I can fix it. Do not submit another form. If you submit more than one, all forms will be deleted.
- You cannot nominate yourself under any category with the exception of TWO. Leaders and crew members may nominate their own crews and you may also nominate your own roleplays.
- Please make sure all names and role play titles are spelled fully and correctly. It makes it easier to find people!
- All characters nominated must have been active as some point in the past year (January 1st, 2016-December 31st, 2016, with the small exception in categories like 'most missed').

**Fill out every box on the form and you will receive 500 BM**
**Please note, this is not the voting section, this is just nominating people in each category to be voted on. If you think someone else is already going to nominate someone, try nominating someone who might not be thought of**

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