07 June 2015

May's RPM Winners!

Here are the winners for May's Role Play of the Month! It was close one! We even had a tie for third place!

First place:
1600 Blood Money and 'Best RP May 2015'
Every demon wants his pound of flesh
Mackenzie, Bennie Norh & Jack Horton

Second place:
800 Blood Money
Much Ado About Something.
Hero Davenport & Camille Rameau

Third Place:
400 Blood Money
Facing Changes
Edward Brollachan, Bree Ravencroft, Branwen, Muirin Quinlan, Julian Montgomery & Alice Barbour


Third Place:
400 Blood Money
Somewhere in the Night
Tiber Loche & Quinn Harper

Random Voter
$500k Random Voter Bree Ravencroft
$250k Random Voter Candace Harris
$125k Random Voter Scarlett_Rose

Congratulations to all of our winners!