04 December 2014

~*~2014 Winter Bloodies Nominations~*~

The time for the 2014 Winter Bloodies has arrived! Nominations for the 2014 Winter Bloodies will start December 4 and end December 13 and voting will be December 14 - December 22 with results posted on December 23.

You may not nominate your own characters. There are -two- exceptions to this: leaders can nominate themselves for crew categories and you may nominate your own RPs.

All characters nominated must have been active in the last 60 days (October 1 and after). If you nominate someone who hasn't been active your form won't be deleted but we will hold their nomination off the list until they log in to BL and if they don't log in then they won't be added to the nominations.

Each player may submit one nomination form. If have an issue don't submit another form contact the DC and we will fix it. Those who submit more than one form will have all forms deleted. One per player, not per character.

If you fill out every box, you will receive 100bm!

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