31 May 2013

Summer Bloodies

Voting has begun!


  1. Don't vote with your alt.  If you're caught voting with your alt, your votes will be removed
  2. You ARE allowed to vote for yourself
  3. Do not vote for more than one person in each category
  4. You do NOT have to vote for every category, but I encouraged you to do it
  5. You have until June 30th to get your votes in.  The rafflecopter will close at midnight on July 1st, making it impossible for anyone to vote.
Winners will be announced in July and one lucky voter will recieve a donation package for their participation.

29 May 2013

May RPM Winners

The results are in for May's Role Play of the Month

First place:
500 Blood Money and a Profile Award
The Witching Hour
Katherine Murray
Tania Murray

Second place:
250 Blood Money
Home(less) Style Buffet
Lenny Shultz
Fera Stillborn

Third Place:
100 Blood Money
No Mercy
Ryan Cordaway
Livia Vlcek

Random Voter:
50 Blood Money